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die young and save yourself

25 March
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a christmas story, acdc, afi, alkaline trio, amber pacific, american hi-fi, animal rights, armor for sleep, arms of orion, bacon, bass, bayside, bedlight for blue eyes, being awesome, billie joe, blink 182, boys, boys in tight pants, boys kissing, british accents, bruce springsteen, capitol risk, carnivals, catching snowflakes, cds, chap stick, coheed and cambria, dazed and confused, diaries, driving with my mom, eating, evan peters, fall out boy, fenix tx, ferris bueller, fight paris, friends, funeral for a friend, gatsbys american dream, gauges, geeks, god, good times, greeley estates, greenday, gummy sharks, guys who wear eyeliner, guys with shags, halifax, hanging out, hating boyertown, hating school, hawthorne heights, he is legend, hidden in plain view, holding hands, hot dogs, i am the pilot, ice cream, individuality, jason london, jimmy eat world, john hassall, john mellancamp, kisses on the nose, laughing, local bands, mae, making out, matchbook romance, metallica, midgets, money, mxc, my cast, my chemical romance, napoleon dynamite, nirvana, ocean's eleven, open hand, orbit gum, paint by numbers, peta, photography, plastic playing guitar, playing pool, poetry, rain, ritter, rock, rocking out, rooney, screamo, senses fail, sesame chicken, shaggy hair, shopping, silverstein, sitting in the basement, skateboarding, skee-ball, sleeping, snow patrol, softball, sugarcult, summer, taking back sunday, that 70's show, the 70's, the breakfest club, the hives, the killers, the libertines, the ocean, the ramones, the waterboy, tom petty, trustkill records, tuna, underoath, unwritten law, warm towels, weezer, writing